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M01 the start of equine sportsmassage (EH1)

An introduction into equine massage is an understatement. There are so many topics adressed in this course and so many hands-on techniques explained by video. A lot of muscles and funcions covered by text, photo's and on horse video.

We are teaching you how to massage the back of your horse to release tension, get it moving and optimize the functionality.
The ribs you learn how to eliminate the adhesions so your horse can breathe freely again and get some lateral flexion.
The glutes because they are the motor of our horse and it is used mostly as a stabilizer so it wont use its stifles and hocks either. So there is a lot of attention needed.

In the course catalog you can see what chapters there are.

It takes about 8 hours without the practicing and the video you have to send in
It is available in an app, so you even can learn by your phone.

You will get a certification when you pass the tests and quests. Your passing score should be a 6 out of 10

And when you enjoy your course and are ready for more, there is a lot more to get. You can go for individual courses or the full programms as
Equine Myofascial Release Therapist or
Equine Sportsmassage Therapist
Equine allround Tape expert

Who can do this?
Everyone with the right intention towards the horse and is interested in the functionality and wellbeing.
an owner, instructor, horselover and other kind of therapists (you can ask for exemption)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction Instructors
  • Section 1
  • 1.1 History of massage
  • 1.2 Benefits of massage
  • 1.3 Did you know
  • Section 2
  • 2.1 Muscles
  • 2.1 test
  • 2.2 Muslces and functions part 1
  • 2.1 test muscles part 1
  • 2.3 muscles and functions part 2
  • 2.3 test muscles and functions part 2
  • Section 3
  • 3.1 What is a hand movement technique
  • 3.2 what handmovements are there
  • 3.3 Video of the techniques
  • Section 4
  • 4.1 Before we practice
  • 4.2 Massaging the back
  • 4.3 Massaging the interostals
  • 4.4 Massage abdomen
  • 4.5 Massage Glutes
  • Section 5
  • 5.1 what to do when problems accur
  • 5.2 Safety and tips
  • Section 6
  • M1 Eindtoets
  • Your video assignment of massaging
  • Alle onderdelen moeten voltooid zijn
  • Leidt naar een certificaat met een duur van: Voor altijd