The Platform


Working in the equestrian world for 45 years and as many as a dogowner one thing I know for sure is we love our 4 legged friends and want to keep them safe and healthy. Ofcourse we can call for help but how great is it to understand your friend, help where you can and knowing if you are on the right path in training.

We see a lot of misunderstandings with the owners or athletes. It is not because of lack of care and love but mostly not enough awareness and knowledge. Sometimes there are easy solutions to a not yet existing problem and that is why we are here for.

We want to facilitate an online knowledge and experience built platform about sports, health and welnes for horses and dogs. It will not be about the quick fix but building a solid footing to grow for human and animal friend.

We want to share our vision about sports, welbeing and health to create more awareness in the way you can keep, love and work with your four legged friends and prevent injuries. We want to connect the veterinairy medicin with the multidisciplinary therapies, the sports , the disciplines and the leisure.

At the home platform we offer

- online courses

- online complete professional education programs

- latest developements

- news

- testing pool

- latest inventions

- Innovative researches

- library with researches

- learning materials

We hope you are interested in our platform and we will make it interesting enough for people to engage here.